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Acid Burn User Guide

Acid Burn Settings

Acid Burn Main Screen (iPhone)

1. Stats

tap this icon to see more detailed information on your playing habits

2. Achievements

tap this icon to see you completed and remaining achievements

3. Leaderboards

see how you compare to other players around the world

4. About

info about the acid burn development

5. Info

basic how to info, and other info about the game

6. Settings

basic acid burn settings

7. Sound Effects

toggle sound effects on/off

8. Background Music

toggle background music on/off

Acid Burn Settings (cont.)

Acid Burn Settings Screen (iPhone)


allows you to change the background that is diplayed in-game


allows you to change the swipe effect


more questions? email support

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volume controls for background music and sound effects

Acid Burn In-Game

Acid Burn In-Game Screen (iPhone)

1. Score

this is your current game score

2. High Score

this is your high score for this game mode

3. Bonus Multiplier

when on a streak, your bonus multiplier is applied to each orb swiped. also displays the current streak total

4. Bonus Orb

keep an eye out for BONUS orbs

5. Swipe Value

points earned for the most recent swipe

6. Time Remaining / Strikes

this is the remaining time for time based modes, and the strike count for strike based modes