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GeoPhone User Guide

GeoPhone User Interface

GeoPhone Main Screen (iPhone)


the lights will light up from the bottom left light (most sensitive) to the top right (least sensitive)

ACCEL (Show Data only)

these are the raw accelerometer readings from -1.0 to 1.0 seperated by individual axis

FILTER (Show Data only)

these are accelerometer values after they have been smoothed with the low pass filter

DELTA (Show Data only)

this is the value that is compared to the threshold to determine which lights to enable. this is the key variable for geophone. measured in G's

THRESHOLD (Show Data only)

this value is set by the user via the Sensitivity slider. controls the DELTA required to engage the lights

AVG (Show Data only)

5 second rolling average of the DELTA readings

MAX (Show Data only)

5 second rolling max of the DELTA readings

GeoPhone Settings

GeoPhone Settings Screen (iPhone)

Alert Sounds

choose your alert tone (if aubidle alert is enabled)


choose your light scheme. various number of lights and colors

Disable Device Sleep

prevent the device from going to sleep. WARNING: this could use alot of battery as the screen will remain on. GeoPhone can still be minimized as normal.

Disable Sensor Filter

Enable/DIable the low pass filter. this will smooth the sensor values making the readings less jumpy

Show Data

Enable/DIable data values shown above (ACCEL,FILTER,DELTA,THRESHOLD,AVG,MAX)

Invert Detection

flips geophone to alert on NO movement instead of movement