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iEMF+ User Guide

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iEMF+ User Interface

iEMF+ Main Screen (iPhone)

1. Relative Field Strength

This value contains the relative field strength in the units specified. If you are using a Zero, or in Ambient Mode, this value will be the Raw sensor value minus the Ambient and Zero values.

2. Raw Sensor Value

This value always represents the Raw sensor data, before any Zero or Ambient cancelations. This value will reflect units specified.

3. Units

This is the current Units specified by the user. Default reading is in micro Tesla (uT).

4. Ambient Mode

If you have Ambient Mode enabled, this value will be the current Ambient Field Strength value being cancelled.

5. Zero

If you have specified a Zero value, it will be displayed here. NOTE: Relative Field Strength must be greater than 0.0 to use Zero function.

6. Low Pass Filter

If you have enabled the Low Pass Filter to smooth out displayed values, the display will show FILTER here.

iEMF+ Settings

iEMF+ Settings Screen (iPhone)

Ambient Mode (ON/OFF)

Allows you to define a set amount in Teslas that will be canceled out on the main display.

Ambient Field Strength (30.0 - 60.0 uT)

This value should be set to your local ambient field strength. To determine this run iEMF with Ambient Mode OFF to determine the ambient field strength in your area. The Earths Magnetic field strength changes with your loaction on earth, but is typically 30 - 60 uT (micro Teslas).

Low Pass Filter (ON/OFF)

Allows you to use a Low Pass Filter to smooth out the noisy sensor values. This basically keeps the readings from jumping around so much.

LCD Color (Blue, Green, Red, Orange, Sunburst, Dusk)

Allows you to choose your favorite LCD and Button color.