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nTimer User Guide

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nTimer User Interface

nTimer Main Screen (iPhone)

Active Timers

in this area any currently running timers will show up. once the timer expires, it will automatically move down to the Previous Timers list.

Previous Timers

in this area any Previous Timers will show up. the Previous Timers maintain all original settings. Simply tap to start the timer.

Add (+)

Tap the Add (+) button to quickly add a new timer. The only required field is the Timer duration.


Tap the Settings button to navigate to the settings page. Here you will be able to configure ntimer defaults, as well as some other options (see below).






nTimer User Settings

nTimer Settings Screen (iPhone)

Add Timer Defaults

This setting allows you to specify the values that populate when you create a new Timer.

Clear Label on Edit

When entering a Label, the value will clear first before allowing you to type.

Show Units

Turn on or off display of the Units on the Main page.

Align Timers to Right

The main page timers will now align the text to the right. Default is Off (align to Left).

Disable Device Sleep

nTimer will not go to sleep when this is enabled.

Count Up

nTimer count up from zero, instead of counting down.