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rand+ User Guide

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rand+ User Interface

rand+ Main Screen (iPhone)

Main Screen

The rand+ UI is very minimal. The only thing to do on this main page, is to Tap the screen. Tapping the screen on the main page will trigger the Random Number generator (RNG). You can also enable the option to Shake to generate as well.


If you would like to specifiy different number ranges, turn on the minimal display, or any other options, tap the Gear icon to navigate to the settings page.


rand+ is a FREEmium app with ads. if you would like to upgrade to the PRO version (Custom Number Ranges, NO Ads) you can visit the Store.









rand+ User Settings

rand+ Settings Screen (iPhone)

Random Number Ranges

Tap the Range that you would like to user. NOTE: Custom Range requires upgrade to PRO version. Please visit Store for more info.

Set Custom Range

This option allows you to specify the Custom Number range used if this option is selected. (PRO ONLY)